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About Us

NYC Marriage Officiants are Licensed by New York City, under Certificate No. 2885199, and provides ceremony services throughout New York City's 5 Boroughs. We are a small group of Ministers who Officiate weddings because we want to brighten as many people's lives as possible.


We welcome people from different cultures, faiths, and sexual orientation. Our goal is to unite couples in love and share our kindness, compassion, and love with you.  We perform all types of ceremonies: Civil ceremonies, Spiritual Ceremonies, Traditional Ceremonies, Religious Ceremonies and Cultural Ceremonies. We are here to guide you through your special day, so it may be memorable.

Exchanging Vows
Forever and Ever

H ow We Make Your Day Special

We'll lead you through the process of obtaining your Marriage License and Marriage Certificate. We will take care of the paperwork afterwards and make sure that it gets to City Hall within five working business days. If you need your marriage certificate immediately, we will tell you how to get it expedited.


We keep records of every license we sign, know the managers at City Hall, and guarantee that you will get your certificate. If you do not receive your certificate within eight to ten weeks of marrying, contact us, and we will find out what happened. Nothing gets lost on our watch.


We base our professionalism on the care and commitment we provide to every couple who books with us.  As wedding planning professionals, we feel blessed to be able to provide our services to every couple in love who books one of our packages for an unforgettable all-inclusive wedding experience in NYC!

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